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Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI

Find resources on artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, AI academic productivity tools, plagiarism, prompt engineering, GPT misinformation and hallucinations, AI image tools, AI literacy, and discussions related to ethics.

General Teaching Resources

Many faculty who are embracing AI find creative ways to incorporate it into their classrooms with the understanding that AI may be a part of future professions. For example, OBU's Dr. Malcolm Rigsby had his sociology students use ChatGPT or another text-generating AI to aid in various steps in writing a literature review. Students then fact-checked and edited the AI responses and reflected on the process.

However, other faculty are struggling to find a place to start. To get started with ChatGPT or another AI tool begin using and playing with it! Find different opportunities to use the AI tool in your research or personal life. Become familiar with the tool's uses and limitations. As you explore various tools, you may discover ways in which they can be useful for your students, too. 

Educators are using AI tools in many ways:

  • Creating lesson plans
  • Developing discussion and review questions
  • Generating writing prompts
  • Provide examples
  • Designing rubrics

Generative AI can do more than just write essays. Students may find generative AI tools helpful with:

  • Building essay outlines
  • Asking for writing edits and suggestions
  • Practicing peer review feedback
  • Personalized learning
  • Research assistance
  • Language translations

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The following graphic comes from Matt Miller at (More details and the full text of the image can be found at the link.)

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