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Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI

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Prompt Writing or Prompt Engineering

A prompt is a set of instructions or a cue to an AI tool to help it focus on a specific topic, task, or purpose. It is a starting point that an AI tool will craft a response. A task can take many forms, including generating text, an image, a translation; summarizing texts; answering questions; problem-solving; data analysis; and code debugging. Crafting an effective prompt can influence the quality and relevance of the generated output.

Be specific and use plain English when crafting a prompt. Provide the following:

  • Context or a given role for the AI model and the user;
  • Explicit, clear, and concise instructions for the desired behavior;
  • An example, a set of relevant keywords, a reference text, etc. to aid in desired patterns or responses;
  • Information on any given style, tone, format, or scenario.

Remember: Biased or misleading prompts can lead to biased responses. Be mindful of the potential consequences of poorly designed prompts.

Often, prompt creation involves testing and refining prompts. Play with various models; use the same prompt with different AI tools.

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