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Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI

Find resources on artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, AI academic productivity tools, plagiarism, prompt engineering, GPT misinformation and hallucinations, AI image tools, AI literacy, and discussions related to ethics.

Considerations for Using AI Detectors

Many educators are against the use of AI detectors due to the inaccuracies that occur with them. Current AI detectors tend to report both false negatives and false positives. Instead, consider a clear classroom policy at the beginning of each semester. (See Use Plagiarism Checker Tools as an Imperfect Last Resort in AI and ChatGPT in Teaching: Context and Strategies by Clare Forstie, University of Minnesota)

AI Detectors

Please keep in mind that no platform is 100% accurate--each may give false positives or negatives and is not consistent. 

  • AI Content Detector (Content at Scale): AI Checker is trained on blog posts, wikipedia entries, essays, and more articles found online and across multiple large language models (LLM’s). The AI Detector will let you know in seconds if what you have reads like it is written by a human or if it sounds like it came from ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, Claude, and Gemini. Price: $49/month

  • AI Detector: This AI checker provides comprehensive coverage of various AI models, which identifies AI-generated content created by ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT2, Jasper, and other similar models. It highlights the AI-generated content in different colors to make it easier to identify. Additionally, the tool provides detailed reports that include the percentage of AI-generated content in each sentence and a summary of the text’s overall AI-generated content. Price: Free

  • AI or Not: Used for detecting AI-generated images from Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, DALL-E, GAN, and Generated faces. Price: 10 image checks monthly: Free; Basic Plan: $9/month

  • Copy Leaks. AI Content Detector: This software claims to be 99% accurate in detecting AI-generated content. Price: AI-Content Detection Plan: $7.99/month; Plagiarism Detector: $8.99/month; AI+Plagiarism Detection: $13.99/month

  • GPTZero (Origin is a Chrome extension): An AI detector tool, with multiple functions including deep analysis of a text and history documentation. Price: Basic Plan (Origin): Free; Essential: $10/month

  • Grammica AI-Detector: AI Detector is a free tool to identify AI-written text from Chat GPT 3 and other AI models. You can check the content is written by AI or by humans.Price: Free

  • Originality claims to be the most accurate AI detector for Chat GPT, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4 and Bard, and the only paraphrase detection ( tool on the market. Price: Pay-as-you-go: $30; Basic Plan: $14.95

  • QuillBot: A lot of AI-written content contains features such as repetitive words, awkward phrasing, and an unnatural, choppy flow. When QuillBot's AI text detector identifies these features, it will flag the text for further inspection. Price: Basic Plan: Free; Premium Plan: $8.99/month

  • Scribbr: Start detecting AI-generated content instantly, without having to create an account. Perform an unlimited number of AI content checks for free, ensuring all of your work is authentic. Price: Free

  • Winston. The most trusted AI detector: Winston AI is an AI content detection tool to help check AI content generated with ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, and many more Large Language Models. Price: Basic Plan: Free; Essential Plan: $12/month; Advanced: $19/month

  • ZeroGPT: ZeroGPT is a free tool to detect if a text was written by an AI tool like Chat GPT, by a human, or even a mix of content. ZeroGPT, based on the DeepAnalyse™ Technology, claims to have a tested accuracy rate of over ninety-eight percent. Price: Basic Plan: Free; Pro Plan: $7.99/month

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