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Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI

Find resources on artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, AI academic productivity tools, plagiarism, prompt engineering, GPT misinformation and hallucinations, AI image tools, AI literacy, and discussions related to ethics.

Academic Integrity for Students

Is it cheating to use AI to complete academic work?

You are expected to complete your assigned work so the professor can see if you are learning and what you've learned. Ask yourself these questions before using an AI resource or tool.

  • Is the resource/tool doing the thing for which you will be assessed? Make sure you are doing the work that is being assessed. For example, if the assignment is to review a book using correct grammar and citations from the source, then do not use ChatGPT or another generative AI to write the text of your review, or use Grammarly to check your content, style, etc.
  • Is the resource/tool allowed by the instructor? Check your course syllabus for a statement about using any AI tool. If there is no statement, ASK YOUR PROFESSOR before using AI tools in your coursework. If you use a tool/resource that has been prohibited or if you use one that is not explicitly allowed, then you might be cheating.

Other Considerations

  • Does using an AI resource or tool on this assignment, based on the learning objectives/grading rubric, undermine honesty, mutual respect, responsibility, fairness, or trustworthiness?
  • Does using an AI resource or tool on this assignment undermine the Christian ideals characterized by the highest standards of integrity?
  • If the instructor, my classmates, or the Judicial Council knew I used an AI resource or tool on this assignment, do I feel okay about that or fearful about my use being exposed?

If you are in doubt, ASK YOUR PROFESSOR before using an AI tool for academic work.