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Finding Full-Text Articles: Methods

Learn how to find entire articles when search results provide only citations and abstracts.

Finding Full-Text Articles

If your search results provide only a citation and abstract for an article you need, follow these steps to find the full text:

  1. Check our library's journal holdings. 
    If searching a database, click the Journal Finder icon on the article's citation/abstract page.  If searching a particular journal, enter the journal's title into Journal Finder.
  2. If the previous step does not find the full text, check the Web. 
    Go to Google Scholar and enter the article's title to see whether the article is freely available on the Web (e.g., Research Gate,, a university repository, etc.).  If Google Scholar does not find it, try Google
  3. If the previous step does not find the full text, request the article from another library.  
    Submit an interlibrary loan request

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