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CORE 2053: Composition II - J. Pittman - Fall 2018: Multi-Genre Research Essay

Write a 6-8 page (1800-2400 words) multi-genre research essay (MGRE) that investigates a social problem or issue of your choice, preferably one that affects the Ouachita campus or the local community (Arkadelphia, the surrounding area, or Clark County).  Use at least 8 current sources from various genres.  Devise a creative frame through which you will present your findings.


Include at least one interview you’ve conducted in person with someone knowledgeable about your topic.


Assignment Details

Prof. Jennifer Burkett Pittman
Lile Hall 204

Information Resources

Prof. Margaret Reed
Riley-Hickingbotham Library

Genre Category A

Choose at least two genres from this category.  Include at least two sources for each genre for a total of at least four sources.

  • academic journal article
  • academic encyclopedia article
  • magazine article
  • news article
  • speech
  • review
  • medical report
  • scientific report
  • press release
  • editorial
  • biography
  • episode of a television show
  • mocumentary
  • screenplay
  • play
  • short story
  • essay
  • journal or diary entries
  • interview conducted by someone else

Genre Category B

Choose at least one genre from this category.  Include at least two sources from the genre.

  • police report
  • acceptance or rejection letter
  • letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine
  • song
  • liner notes of a CD
  • music video
  • movie trailer
  • public service announcement
  • plot for a television show
  • eulogy
  • tabloid article
  • book jacket
  • magazine cover
  • brochure
  • how-to manual
  • pamphlet
  • advertisement
  • transcribed oral history
  • myth or legend
  • excerpt from a history book
  • sermon
  • class syllabus
  • student handbook
  • faculty handbook

Genre Category C

You have the option to include at least one of the following:

  • email exchange
  • postcard
  • transcript of a telephone conversation
  • instant message or text conversation
  • office memo
  • meeting minutes from town meeting, etc.
  • catalog entry
  • pro/con list
  • top-10 list
  • ransom note
  • wanted poster
  • photograph
  • restaurant menu
  • obituary
  • fairytale
  • comic strip
  • horoscope
  • billboard
  • chart or graph with data
  • prayer
  • religious tract or church newsletter
  • Bible verse(s)
  • advice column
  • personals ad
  • collection of love letters
  • warning labels
  • doctor’s note
  • glossary of key words
  • tattoo(s)
  • graffiti
  • short personal blog
  • timeline